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  • Vitalia

    Friedrichstrasse 141, Berlin, Germany ‐ Author Jezu  ‐ 04/19/2011

    Vitalia natural products store. A wide selection of gluten-free products: bread, sweet pastries, flour, cereals, beer...

  • Key Lime Pie recipe

    Author Jezu  ‐ 10/26/2016

    Key Lime Pie Key lime pie is one of my favorite pies. My version of the pie is meringue-topped. Lime, meringue and a...

  • Kotipizza pizzeria chain

    Finland ‐ Author Jezu  ‐ 08/28/2010

    You can have all normal Kotipizza pizzas gluten-free. Gluten-free pizza cost a little bit extra and it is a bit smaller...

  • Australian search engines for travellers.

    Australia ‐ Author c_lee ‐ 10/07/2010

    When traveling in Australia, there are 3 search engines. These are your...

  • Martina Restaurants

    Finland ‐ Author Jezu  ‐ 08/23/2010

    Martina restaurants (Ravintola Martina in finnish) offer now gluten-free pizza and pasta. Try out!

  • LeBen

    Rome, Via di Ponziano, 19 ‐ Author Suviih  ‐ 09/29/2010

    Gluten-free bakery. Products are quite expensive, but taste great.

  • Neste Kylmäkoski

    Finland, Kylmäkoski, Tampereentie 1005 ‐ Author Jezu  ‐ 03/09/2011

    There's Neste gas station in Kylmäkoski on road number 9 (between Turku and Tampere), which serves good gluten-free...

  • Las Arenas

    Carretera del Rincón, Las Palmas ‐ Author Jezu  ‐ 10/19/2010

    Good gluten-free product selection.

  • Celiachiamo

    Italy ‐ Author Jezu  ‐ 09/05/2010

    Store specialized in gluten-free products. Good variety of gluten-free pasta, biscuits, flour, breads, pastries and...

  • The Gluten-free guide to New York and Italy

    Author Jezu  ‐ 09/05/2010

    Probably quite worthy books for gluten-free travels to Italy or New York. Order...

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