Gluten-free online community is a new gluten-free online community for all celiacs and whom are interested about gluten-free lifestyle. The meaning of this service is to provide easy way to share up-to-date information and tips about gluten-free lifestyle and to give and have peer support.

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Notice that anyone can add any kind of content into service. Also all advertised products are not gluten-free. Administrator is not responsible and you take full responsibility what you eat. If you notice vandalism or contents that include gluten, please notify the admistrator.

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Digestives, 160 g
Manufacturer Semper
Ginger Snaps, 150 g
Manufacturer Semper
Biscotti Con Cioccolato, 150 g
Manufacturer Dr.Schär
Puffed Rice, 225 g
Manufacturer Rude Health


The service has 2880 registered users. 3,306% of the finnish celiacs have already joined.

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