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Semper Digestives, 160 g
01/22/2012 • Semper
Digestives, 160 g
Semper Ginger Snaps, 150 g
01/21/2012 • Semper
Ginger Snaps, 150 g
Dr.Schär Biscotti Con Cioccolato, 150 g
01/21/2012 • Dr.Schär
Biscotti Con Cioccolato, 150 g
Life Food Organic Lemon Vanilla Cookies, 80 g
11/26/2011 • Life Food
Organic Lemon Vanilla Cookies...
The Product Does Not Contain Any...
Rude Health Puffed Rice, 225 g
11/26/2011 • Rude Health
Puffed Rice, 225 g

The latest gluten-free images

Some gluten-free goodies from Hemköp grocery store in Stockholm. Located at Åhlens department store basement.
Huge gluten-free mexican chicken salad bowl from Help yourself restaurants. I recommend! @ Key West, USA
Huvilan Kahvila's prices are quite reasonable. No G-signs but yes, everything are gluten-free. If you don't believe, just ask
Little gluten-free in-room breakfast at InterContinental Hamburg, Germany. They even baked gluten-free bread especially for me. Excellent service.
Nice surprise in gluten-free chicken tikka masala.
"Little" gluten-free shopping at Whole Foods in Miami. Mint crocant ice cream was soooooo good.
Gluten-free portion in Junibacken @ Stockholm, Sweden.
Gluten-free pizza in Voglia di Pizza @ Rome, Italy.
Gluten-free pizza margherita in LeBen @ Rome, Italy.
Croissants and muffins @ Barcelona, Spain.

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