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Here's some restaurant tips to Rome:

Osteria del Gallo (Vicolo di Montevecchio 27, near Pantheon and Piazza Navona)
Nice small restaurant that serves GF pasta and bruschetta -bread (all pasta and brushetta dishes are available gluten free). They have also gluten free desserts.

Voglia di Pizza (Via dei Giubbonari 33)
Pizzeria has own menu for coeliacs. They serve great GF pizza and they also have GF pasta, tiramisu and beer (Estrella Daura and Green's).

La Soffitta Renovatio (Piazza Risorigemento 46/A, Located near Vatican City)
All pizza and pasta dishes are available gluten free and they have also GF chocolate cake for dessert. Surcharge for gluten free meal is 2e.

Leben (Via di Ponziano 19)
This bakery produces only gluten free pastries. At lounch time they serve gluten free pizza. They also sell other gluten free products, for example dried GF pasta and flours.

I didn't eat in these restaurants when I was in Rome, but they serve GF meals:

Il Viaggio (Via Isonzo, 14)

Alex Cafe (Via Vittorio Veneto, 20)

Ripa 12 (Via S. Francesco a Ripa 12)

Il Tulipano Nero (Via Roma Libera, 15)

La Mimosa Fiorita (Via Bari 11a)

La Creperie di Testaccio (Via Galvani, 11)

Here's some excellent places to buy GF products :

Celiachiamo (Via Cipro 4/L)
Store that sells only GF products. They have great variety of pastas, flours, bisquits, frozen products... Shop is located near Cipro -underground station.

Celiachia Store (Via Camilla, 8)
Store that also sells only GF products but their product range is not as good as Celiachiamos. Shop is located near Furio Camillo -underground station.

Farmacia Brocchieri (Via Orvieto, 35)
Pharmacys whole downstair is reserved for GF products. Excellent variety of dry and frozen products. Pharmacy is located quite near Re Di Roma -underground station.

Piditkö sisällöstä? Jaa se myös ystävillesi!

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  • travelinfam25 06/04/2011 7:59 PM

    Thanks to your site and Le Ben bakery I was able to find the most delicious gluten free cake for my six year old Celiac son's birthday while we were in Rome. It just so happened our trip fell during his birthday. Luis at Le Ben provided us with great GF appetizers, pizzas, and the most delicious GF cake I've ever had. They even wrote his name on the cake, provided candles, and dimmed the lights while we sang! It was perfect. Thank you for the tip, and I recommend everyone go to Le Ben. We went for lunch, I'm not sure what their dinner options are...

    We also went to Voglia di Pizza based on your recommendations and were not disappointed, they have an entire gluten free menu. It was the only GF tiramisu we found on our trip. We went to Renovatio too, and it was excellent! Fresh handmade GF pasta. We also ate at Alex Cafe, where we had the most delicious GF ravioli ever, and Il Tulipano Nero, where we had the most delicious GF pizza ever! The owner of Il Tulipano Nero is Celiac, and has obviously spent some time creating the perfect GF pizza. Thanks for the tips!

  • Jezu  01/17/2011 11:46 PM

    Great tips

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