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Greetings from the best country of the world, at least if you believe what Newsweek says! That may be true, but for sure, Finland is like a paradise for celiacs. Although things are quite well in here, traveling may be a nightmare for a celiac. And that's the main reason why I set up the service.

When I heard that I have celiac disease I was shocked and started to crawl the web to find answers. Traveling tips, manufacturers' product listings, gluten-free information and conversations were scattered all over the web. So I decided to create the gluten-free online community which gathers up-to-date information and tips about gluten-free lifestyle and give possibility to give and have peer support.

Finnish version was opened 09/29/2008 and in no time it became Finland's biggest online community for celiacs. In 2 years users have produced enormous amount of gluten-free information, forum posts, images etc. It was time to offer this service for the rest of the world and International in english opened 09/15/2010. I hope you enjoy!

If celiac disease is a new issue for you, read "About coeliac disease" from Coeliac UK website.

Development is still relatively young service (especially International version) and it certainly has a lot of gaps, language translation errors and vague flaws. Therefore, I hope as much feedback from service users as possible to fix shortcomings. I am grateful to all developing ideas. Send feedback!


This service is administrated by Jesse Valli (yep, that's me!). My day job is related to web site management, so this is a natural hobby project for leisure. is an independent, privately-hosted web service.

When I don't sit in front of the computer, I spend lots of time at the gym. I have suffered celiac disease since 2007, but it has had little effect on my lifestyle. Only traveling seems to be little tricky sometimes and that is one motive why I hope a lot of travel tips from other celiacs to service.

Worth mentioning, after starting gluten-free diet my general well-being (both mental than physical) has improved quite incredibly. Thus, if you suspect celiac disease, go test yourself ASAP!

Special thanks

Is often more concerned about my diet than myself.

Thanks for the quick adaptation of gluten-free lifestyle and countless wonderful meals.

Thank you for logo as well as server space for and many other projects. users
Without you this site would not have content and service would be totally useless to us all.

Thanks for a number of icons used in goes to british web guru, Mark James.

This wonderful service enables web page screenshots in the Links section. You can download a free thumbalizr here.

Notice that anyone can add any kind of content into service. Also all advertised products are not gluten-free. Administrator is not responsible and you take full responsibility what you eat. If you notice vandalism or contents that include gluten, please notify the admistrator.


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