Celiac disease and tiredness

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  • Jezu  Admin08/30/2010 10:32 PM

    After three years on gluten-free diet I have noticed that I don't have to take nap every time I come back from work. Maybe there is some relation between tiredness and untreated celiac disease.

    Do you have experienced the same?

    Keliaakikko vm. -07 / Celiac since -07

  • c_lee 10 messages10/02/2010 12:41 PM

    Tiredness with celiac disease is from a few factors.
    1. gluten is still creeping into the diet.
    2. iron deficiency
    3. vitamin b group deficiency.

  • c_lee 10 messages01/28/2013 3:32 AM

    There is a definite relationship between gluten consumption and tiredness. The previous wtiter is correct. Gluten blocks the absorption of iron, b vitamin absorption and gluten in the diet.
    Why did you get the energy boost? Simple. The villi in your intestines are slowly repairing or have repaired. This allows efficient absorption of ALl nutirents. This will slowly build up your immune system and your enjoy much better health.
    There are many medical document confirming the health of villi to an immproved immune system and improved absorption of vitamin b and iron. Also there is definite evidence the lack of vitamin b12 ,b6 and folliate caan be related to migraine and heart disease. If you think you need these supplemnets, please make sure you obtain them from natural sources as many tablets provide an inerrt form (unabsorbale form) due to processing.

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