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  • Mampu 122 messages07/04/2012 11:30 AM

    Copied from Couch Surfing

    There is a supermarket chain called 'Continente', they most often have a shelf with Schaerr products and others, but expensive (twice the price than used here in Germany)

    found Continente markets in Angra and Praia de Vitoria

    a small shop in Santa Cruz (Lourenco & Lourenco Lda.) offered Schaerr flour and cookies, but no bread

    Sao Miguel:
    found a Continente in Ribeiro Grande, most likely the other major town will have some also

    Other islands not visited.

    in general, most found found something to eat, preferably grilled fish with potatoes and vegetables

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Piditkö sisällöstä? Jaa se myös ystävillesi!

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