Gluten-free in Helsinki

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Gluten-free in Helsinki

One Briton asked me tips for visit in Helsinki (especially finnish specialties, burgers & pizza). I sent her this:

In general you can go to any restaurant and just ask gluten free (except some ethnic kebab joints and pizzerias). Most restaurants have G signs in their menus but upscale restaurants don't use those, so ask. Sometimes at hotel breakfast the best GF stuff is hidden in the kitchen, so ask there also (sometimes they serve gf porridge, carelian pies and great desserts). GF eating is some sort of a trend in Finland at the moment, so many restaurants have started to ask is gluten free enough or do they have to prepare the meal completely gluten free (=clean working areas, pans etc). When ordering just say you are a celiac and food MUST be gluten free, then everything should go smoothly

Finnish specialties

Kukko beer is the "original" gluten free beer in Finland. It was developed by "accident", but now they have like half a dozen different flavors. Remember to check cans and bottles that they have GF sign, because not all Kukko's are GF. Those are available almost at every grocery stores and R-kiosks (many restaurants also have GF options). There are also tens of other GF beers on the market as you can see from this list below (stronger than 5.5% beers are only available in Alko liquor stores, because the law):

Carelian pies with egg butter are something that you don't get elsewhere. Last few years those have come widely available also in GF and one of the GF brands was selected as the best carelian pie, although there were "normal" versions on that same test. Usually those are sold in frozen packages but some shops sell those individually wrapped (check any Lidl grocery store). Frozen versions are available in K-Citymarket, K-Market, K-Supermarket, S-market, Alepa and even Lidl: (not frozen) (individually wrapped)

Black liquorice

This is quite an interesting candy Probably "Porvoon Lakritsi" is the easiest to find:

Bakeries and shopping

Keliapuoti is the most popular GF shop in Helsinki = must visit. It's located at Hakaniemen Halli market hall:

None Shop is the lates GF store/eatery in Helsinki. I haven't visited there yet but have heard good comments:

If you have courage to go out of the city center, Kakkutupa (Cake Cottage) is an excellent GF bakery about 11 kilometers away (takes 30 minutes by bus). Their opening hours are quite limited so I haven't been able to visit there but have eaten their delicious pastries:

K-Citymarkets and Supermarkets have excellent GF selection. There are multiple locations, but these are really good:

This one is located near the airport, so you have to use bus:


McDonalds is a must Every location serves GF without extra fees, so you can even have 1 euro cheese burger GF - that's value for money! Fries are always GF. I recommend McFeast which have more fillings and sauce (GF bun is soft but bit dry, so extra sauce makes it perfect).

Burger King and Hesburger also serves GF but they are not that familiar with GF clients so you have to be bit cautious.

If you want to try fast casual burger place, go to Friends & Brgrs (maybe you will see them someday in UK

Pizza is available in several places:

Kotipizza (nationwide chain)

Dennis (multiple restaurants)

Classic Pizza (multiple restaurants)

Rosso (nationwide chain, there's one place near Hakaniemen halli, they have served GF pizza and pasta for ages):

Many independent restaurants also serves GF pizza and pasta, remember to ask

And finally, of course you have to visit in Finnish sauna. Sure you have one in hotel, but there are also several public saunas in Helsinki from free community driven places ( to really high end experiences ( and

If you have more tips for Helsinki, write those in comments. Thanks!

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