Text formatting

In Glu.fi service you can use the so-called BBCode to format text. BBCode is an acrony for Bulletin Board Code. It enables you to format text with bold, italics, quote, links etc.

Here is a brief BBCode guide for Glu.fi. The following tags allow the user to transform hers/his text in a certain fashion. There is code and visual examples.

Bold and italics

Text between the [B] and [/B] tags will be made bold.

Glu.fi is [B]gluten-free[/B] online community.

Glu.fi is gluten-free online community.

Schär [I]Crisp Rolls[/I] are very crispy.

Schär Crisp Rolls are very crispy.

Text quoting

Quote tag is used automatically by the forum, to surround the text of the message the user is replying to. It can also be used by the user manually to format their text.

Text between the [QUOTE] and [/QUOTE] tags will be quoted. You can quote with or without reference.

Quote with refer to original writer:

[QUOTE Jezu]Celiac disease is not as horrible as you think![/QUOTE]

Jezu wrote:
Celiac disease is not as horrible as you think!

Quote "blindly" without refer to original writer:

[LAINAUS]Best gluten-free food is banana![/LAINAUS]

Best gluten-free food is banana!

Creating hyperlinks

Address between the [URL] and [/URL] tags will be made as a link. If you don't want a description for the link write just the address. Remember to begin with http://



To enter a link with a description other than the URL itself:

[URL=http://www.glu.fi]Glu.fi - Gluten-free online community[/URL]

Gluten-free online community

Instructions, questions and answers

Notice that anyone can add any kind of content into service. Also all advertised products are not gluten-free. Administrator is not responsible and you take full responsibility what you eat. If you notice vandalism or contents that include gluten, please notify the admistrator.

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