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We are a company that we make hot sandwiches and since 4 years ago, we make hot sandwiches without gluten. We have a letter with more than 50 sandwiches for celíacs. All the ténen products certifications of the manufacturer without gluten, to the the same as the bread. We are under the supervision of the association of Celíacs of Catalonia, in more of making análisis períodics of our products final for our department of I+D.
Besides the sandwiches we have salads and potatoes fried with the sauce that you want.
We are in the Gothic Neighborhood in the street LLibreteria, 1 in the center of the city and in the street Creu Coberta,80 beside the Spain Square

Piditkö sisällöstä? Jaa se myös ystävillesi!


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Notice that anyone can add any kind of content into service. Also all advertised products are not gluten-free. Administrator is not responsible and you take full responsibility what you eat. If you notice vandalism or contents that include gluten, please notify the admistrator.

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