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  • Champion

    Tunisia, Djerba, Houmt Souk, Avenue Boumesouer ‐ Author Jezu  ‐ 09/05/2010

    Houmt Soukin Champion grocery store have an own gluten-free shelf full of flours, rice cakes, and many types of...

  • Voglia Di Pizza

    Italy ‐ Author Jezu  ‐ 08/28/2010

    Pizzeria which offer gluten-free pizza, pasta, beer, tiramisu... Own Gluten-free menu.

  • ABC Heinola

    Työmiehentie 33, Heinola ‐ Author Jezu  ‐ 09/08/2010

    Large ABC service station with grocery store and Alko liquer store. Own gluten-free menu for sweet and salty snacks like...

  • ABC Toijala

    Satamatie 43, Akaa ‐ Author Jezu  ‐ 09/08/2010

    A nice dining place where they have gluten-free options. Own gluten-free menu for sweet and salty fastfood (eg. filled...

  • Molly Malone's irish pub

    Warsaw, Poland ‐ Author Jezu  ‐ 04/19/2011

    There's an other irish pub in Warsaw's old town. Molly Malone's is located in a dim basement where tall men have to...

  • Irish Pub

    Warsaw, Poland ‐ Author Jezu  ‐ 04/19/2011

    Irish pub serving Strongbow cider in Miodowa and Kozia streets intersection.

  • LumiLinna (snow castle)

    Luulajantie, Kemi ‐ Author Jezu  ‐ 09/09/2010

    There is salty and sweet gluten-free snacks at the huge snow castle. Certainly worth a visit!

  • Portuguese restaurant card

    Portugal ‐ Author Jezu  ‐ 09/05/2010

    Print this on few pieces of paper and put in your wallet. You can give these to kitchen. "Por questões de saúde eu não...

  • La Tortilla Asesina

    United Kingdom ‐ Author Jezu  ‐ 08/29/2010

    Spanish tapas restaurant. As I recall, the list had tapas, but also ordinary dishes. The menu had gluten-free labeling.

  • Las Iguanas

    12 Seven Dials Sawclose, Bath, England ‐ Author Jezu  ‐ 03/09/2011

    Latin American cuisine chain. Gluten-free options in the menu marked with gf-marking.

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