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  • Alpro Soya

    Author Jezu  ‐ 08/30/2010

    Oy Seege Ab says that all Alpro Soya products on Finnish market are gluten-free and in addition milk free. Go and taste!

  • Restaurant La Casa del Parmigiano

    Spain ‐ Author Jezu  ‐ 08/29/2010

    My friend told that she had visited in pasta restaurant in Puerto del Carmen. At the last visit she realized that the...

  • La Tortilla Asesina

    United Kingdom ‐ Author Jezu  ‐ 08/29/2010

    Spanish tapas restaurant. As I recall, the list had tapas, but also ordinary dishes. The menu had gluten-free labeling.

  • Alex Cafe

    Italy ‐ Author Jezu  ‐ 08/29/2010

    Excellent gluten-free restaurant. Place is a modern glass cube on street. Prices might be on tourist level. They offer...

  • Jameson's The Irish Pub

    Thailand ‐ Author Jezu  ‐ 08/28/2010

    They serve Stowford dry cider and free wi-fi. Worth a try, if cider tooth begin to get pains or you have to use

  • Heather's Bar

    United States of America ‐ Author Jezu  ‐ 08/28/2010

    One of the few restaurants in New York, which serve gluten-free beer, and even many brands. From the tap can also be...

  • La Margarita restaurant

    The Netherlands ‐ Author Jezu  ‐ 08/28/2010

    Excellent Mexican restaurant. Part of the staff know what the gluten-free means and they promise to modify all the...

  • Voglia Di Pizza

    Italy ‐ Author Jezu  ‐ 08/28/2010

    Pizzeria which offer gluten-free pizza, pasta, beer, tiramisu... Own Gluten-free menu.

  • Be bop

    Italy ‐ Author Jezu  ‐ 08/28/2010

    Gluten-free pizza and other culinary delights! Own menu for celiacs! Call in advance and reserve a table. Tel. 02...

  • P.F. Chang's

    United States of America ‐ Author Jezu  ‐ 08/28/2010

    Here you can find your own gluten-free menu. The food was good and the portions were big. I recommend!

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