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  • Restaurante Molinet

    Paseo Las Canteras 47, Las Palmas ‐ Author Jezu  ‐ 09/18/2010

    Quality restaurant with own gluten-free menu.

  • Oliver

    Viru 3, Tallinn ‐ Author Jezu  ‐ 09/18/2010

    There's gluten-free labels in menus.

  • m8bar

    Via Benedetta 17, Rome ‐ Author Jezu  ‐ 09/18/2010

    Bar serving gluten-free Estrella Damm Daura beer.

  • La Creperie di Testaccio

    Via Galvani, 11, Rome ‐ Author Jezu  ‐ 09/18/2010

    Restaurant offering gluten-free crepes. There is senza glutine signs outside, but they were having a siesta, so we...

  • Papa Razzi

    271 Dartmouth Street, Boston MA ‐ Author Jezu  ‐ 09/10/2010

    Nice Italian restaurant at the center of Boston offers gluten-free pizza and pasta (including takeaway). Pizzas cost...

  • Equal Exchange Cafe

    226 Causeway street, Boston MA ‐ Author Jezu  ‐ 09/09/2010

    Quite nice cafe at Boston North End offers varied range of sweet and salty gluten-free snacks. I tested at least donut...

  • LumiLinna (snow castle)

    Luulajantie, Kemi ‐ Author Jezu  ‐ 09/09/2010

    There is salty and sweet gluten-free snacks at the huge snow castle. Certainly worth a visit!

  • S'MAC restaurant

    345 East 12th Street, New York ‐ Author Jezu  ‐ 09/09/2010

    Funny, macaroni&cheese place in the heart of New York. There's plenty of customers and you can order portions with...

  • La Soffitta Renovatio

    Rome, Piazza Risorigemento 46/A ‐ Author Jezu  ‐ 09/08/2010

    This restaurant offers gluten-free pizza and pasta. For dessert they offered a gluten-free cake. Extra price for...

  • Il Tulipano Nero

    Via Roma Libera, 15, Rome ‐ Author Jezu  ‐ 09/08/2010

    There is a gluten-free menu in the restaurant and they seemed to know what gluten-free means. Maybe not the best...

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